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2009-04-01 18:13:17 by HeadTaker

Hey this is not cool, i hate this new policy! its not fair that i have to sit here and watch non mature violent vids? WHAT THE FUCK! GET RID OF THIS BULLSHIT!!!

My life is not a lie

2008-12-18 11:29:06 by HeadTaker

So as you should know i am pretty knew to newgrounds but already am posting videos on a regular basis. i have been animating pivot for about 4 years now and i just started flash. Ive dropped pivot for now nd have moved to the great program of flash. if you've viewed my latest videos you'll know that im not to shabby at the hobby. my goal in life is to become an animator and make the world know me. i dont want fame but i want people to see my end of the world. my mind should be seen is what i believe, i want people to see what my imagination can come up with. Heh, no im not a perv and spend time making animated porno, hell that shit is dumb in the first place, you couldn't catch me watching that shit even if i was dead. porno is for the lonely. I am strictly war movies so i hope you enjoy my movies and my imagination. i love a creative mind so if you have ideas. lay em on me and we'll work stuff out!

My life is not a lie